Angela Ferrari is a professional singer, speaker, and the Founder of "The Shift Process” consisting of concerts, speaking engagements, workshops, retreats, and online courses around the deeper meaning of life. She's been singing and practicing energy healing since she was a young girl and went on to study music, psychological self-development, energetic healing, and channeling.  While on a journey of self-discovery, Ferrari stumbled upon a very unique formula that allowed her to experience heightened levels of freedom which translated into abundance in the world around her.  She began to obtain the goals she set for herself by shifting something "internally" first.  Realizing she wasn't meant to keep this formula to herself, Angela went on to create an organization that gives others the tools to level-up in their own lives, calling it "The Shift Process".  She later created a concert series called "The Deep Feels" which is the cross-section of her two worlds -soulful music and powerful healing messages embedded throughout the performance allowing the audience to feel the music on a deeper level.  A rare experience indeed.