Angela Ferrari is the founder of the Shift Process. She has been practicing energetic and intuitive healings since she was a child. "Often I would look at a person and observe them in a situation and I just sensed things. I sensed the layers underneath their actions. I didn’t realize this was channeling or intuition until later in life. I now realize one of my special gifts is assisting people in identifying their blind spots…when they are ready to know.”

Angela went on to study psychological self-development, energetic healing, and in-depth channeling. Through her discoveries, she has created a unique formula that guides her clients to discover what it is they truly want and learn the tools to get it.

“With clients, I have a pretty direct approach. When you're open to the truth, I'll tell you the truth. Because understanding your blind spots is the only way to get to the next level.”

Angela has applied these formulas within her own field of dreams and is a successful national recording artist.