Discover The Hidden Truths To Access Your Ultimate Freedom

Workshops That Integrate & Transform Your Life

The Shift Your Frequency Workshop is the cross-section of Angela's two worlds -soulful music and powerful messages allowing the participants to integrate the teachings on a deeper level. Angela’s day long workshops are a highly interactive experience. Combining her unique life teachings, music, and unique exercises you are sure to have a good time while simultaneously creating powerful breakthroughs in your life. 


We Will Work Together To: 

  • Clarify the areas you want to “tune-up” in your life

  • Identify The Blind Spots Holding You Back 

  • Discover how to integrate the teachings into your daily life allowing for authenticity, abundance, and the ultimate FREEDOM

“The only way to experience true freedom is to first be gifted a beautiful cage.”

~Angela Ferrari


This advanced-level interactive workshop with Angela Ferrari will give you insight into aligning your mindset and emotions with your goals. Work together with a group to learn how to break patterns that are keeping you stuck in loops. This experience is great for corporations, businesses, families, or just a random group of strangers to have a “shared language” to move through blocks in communication, create healthy relationships, increase efficiency through being more present, and have an overall sense enjoyment in life.   

  1. Discover Your Blind SpotsGet insight into behaviors you’re unaware of and Shift them to align with your goals. Improve Your Communication Discover new revelations in communication that create a deeper connection and acceptance in your relationships
  2. Activate your Snowflake CodesWe each have soul codes that are incredibly unique just like the sacred geometry hidden in each snowflake. No two are alike. However, much of what is unique about us lies dormant due to conformity. Discover how to activate these codes resulting in becoming successful for doing exactly what you love.
  3. Worry Less, Enjoy Life More - Worry and stress on the journey to a goal only leads to more worry and stress when you get there. Enjoy life NOW by getting insights into your triggers. 

1-Day Shift Workshop with Angela Ferrari 

  • Music accompaniment with world renown musician Alexia Rodriguez 

  • Connect with an intimate group as you each go through powerful exercises together and sharing experiences to generate increased momentum 

  • Discover how to generate your own source of FREEDOM independent of your external circumstances 

  • Learn specific tools that transmute heavy situations into deepened empowerment 

  • Learn the art of surrender and how it is the fundamental piece in accessing anything you want

  • Learn to be authentically confident and effortlessly attract what you want

  • Become more attractive by FEELING good about yourself

  • Discover your blind-spots that are causing self-destructive behaviors 

  • Improve your relationships through revelations in communication