Know it.
Own it.
Become it.


In order to intentionally create something new, we must abandon who we THINK we are. We are bound by our belief systems, our likes and our dislikes, our judgments of ourselves and others. This keeps us locked in cycles. So, where’s the access to something New?

Shift provides insight into your Blind Spots. In order to step up your game and step into your full potential, you must first become aware of what you don’t know…that you don’t know. What are you thinking, feeling, and being that’s separating you from what you want? What comfort zones are keeping you stuck? Shift allows you to step into a blank canvas, so you can CREATE what you want.

The Shift Formula was Created through years of studying the physics and energy behind our thoughts and how our beliefs impact our lives.  It is a formula that shows how our neurological wiring is designed to work for us… or against us. There is nothing I teach that has not first been tested and applied within my own life and the lives of my mentors.

Two of the many mentors that have influenced these formulas are the brilliant workings of Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein said it best, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” He knew we must discover (Create) a New version of ourselves for lasting change to occur.

First, you must understand. This is where the Shift coaching system comes in. I invite you into a personalized process formulated specifically for your goals and assists you in seeing Clearly where you are aligned and misaligned. Next, you must be willing to be uncomfortable by going against the beliefs and comfort zones that keep your goals at a distance. We will simultaneously assess your external appearance so you can see yourself newly, creating new neural pathways.




Our minds are hard-wired for Comfort Zones. If you would like New experiences, you must first be willing to Abandon who you Think you are. If you “Already Know”, nothing New can arise. This requires a willingness to do something New…which can arouse resistance and discomfort. Are you willing to be uncomfortable to meet your goals on the other side? If so…

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